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Dies sind nur einige wenige Kommentare, die ich von Benutzern von Quicknote empfing.

I've found this VERY useful. I keep track of tidbits of info, ideas, things to do, etc. It's very customizable as to interface colors, sleep options, and more. The tree file structure on the left is great and the display-by-mouseover is instant.

In this busy world of ours it's so easy to have one thought replaced by another in the wink of an eye.Thank goodness for your program! There's been more than one occasion that if I didn't have your Quicknote to jot something down quickly I would have forgotten it by the time I had another notes program up and running. This is especially true if someone comes into the room to talk to you - it can distract you. If you have Quicknote running you can click, type, close it and then give the other person your undivided attention. I know I've said it before but I can't thank you enough for this wonderful program !!

Meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch zu diesem hervorragenden und durchdachten Programm Quicknote! Ich bin begeistert! Danke und weiter so!

Man kann so ein Programm lange suchen!

I found it to be crazy configurable and surprisingly simple. I needed really uncomplicated and comparable to the old google notebooks - but on my desktop. I'm sick of bulky add-ons that cause conflicts with my other programs - I get client calls and multiple conversations going constantly, and I need something the pops up fast, moves out of the way fast and doesn't effect performance in the least.

ich habe Deine schöne Software "Quicknote" runtergeladen. Prima gemacht, alle Achtung!

I have been using your product for over a year and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I have referred several folks to your product and hope you have continued success with this wonderful application.

It's genius is in its simplicity! Thank you for this programme.

I have used this for years - can't remember how first came across it. I think this is one of the most useful software I have come across. Many thanks

This organizes all the sections and notes I want, backs up automatically (in a directory I choose), wakes via hotkey (I choose), and goes away when I hit esc (if I so choose).
If I'm in a meeting or a call, I can create a new note and jot notes faster than I can grab a pen. Plus, it has a reminder option - again, with the options I choose like run a file or pop up a reminder.

I tried out a bunch of similar programs, but yours is the best, because it's both simple and versatile.

It does have some things that seem odd to have included - but they are at best useful... and at worst just things you don't use it for. Like calculator, unit conversion, screen distance measurer...

I live on the Isle of Man. Am currently a poor student too. Your software is fantastic, i used it to schedule my life, kids and college work.

Very handy! I just installed the update and I discover ever more features.

QuickNote is unequivocally the BEST, most intrinsically useful freeware ever! It's also better than a lot of software you have to pay - and sometimes pay a *lot* - for. I can't think of any other program I've come across in the past 5 or more years that I'm as dependant on, and addicted to, as QuickNote. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool!

I have installed your newest beta versions all along and continued to use it during my migrations from computer to computer and now into Vista. I admire your work and dedication. You have done an incredible job of adjusting and adding to this program. [...] Again, your work is excellent and has resulted in a VERY useful utility. I have it in every computer I use today and will continue in the future. I hope you are somehow making money with it, but even if you are not, you demonstrate a talent and dedication for programming that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Quicknote is ABSOLUTELY FANASTIC ~ it is the most used program on my PC. THANKS SO VERY MUCH :)

I am very excited by the potential that you offer. It's a beautiful program. Congratulations on developing the concept.

Thank you very much indeed for your incredible product - German usual high craftsmanship as we are used to (specially in Baden-Württemberg) - so this is only a normal action from me to you as exchange is basis of moral. I am quite sure a bright future is ahead of you and wish you best success after your study. I have been in stuttgart many time and it is so peculiar in craftsmanship it is unique. So good luck to you and get the money you deserve for your work and products.

An excellent application. Best piece of freeware I have come across. Well done.

Just downloaded this program today and already am falling in love with it!

I use your program constantly and your improvements to it are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

This is truely an excellent program. It uses few resources, is very easy to use, and is so, so handy

Love it, can't live without it. Great job and , btw THANK YOU!

Have been using for over a year; really wonderful tool. Beyond comparison.

I just installed your program...........its just the kind of note keeping program I have been looking for. Thanks for the very clever programming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your awesome program !!! I use it all the time. I couldn't be without it. You are doing a great service to people all over the world by keeping it free. I will certainly give you high marks on program reviewing web sites and will tell people about how wonderful it is. Thanks again and all the best to you.

Sweet little program! I was just hoping for something to get rid of the clutter on my desk, but this exceeded my expectations and let me get rid of a few other little programs cluttering up my computer too!

The program has proven to be extremely slick and powerful; very useful in so many ways to keep up with all the bits and pieces of daily life -- sorta a stow&go daily planner to keep track of just about everything you can think of: bank info, schedules, emails.....
Great idea, and it works even better than one can imagine -- I just had to break the ice and jump in and start using it -- then it grew on me as I realized it was exactly what I needed to "post it" for handy and quick reference and retrieval.

This little program is wonderful. Congratulations on producing such a gem. I've used it quite a few times already and am delighted with it. Thanks.

Das Programm ist genial, vielen dank, hoffentlich schreibst du noch viele weitere derartige Programme!

Vielen Dank für das super Programm! Ist schon toll was für tolle und durchdachte Ideen Menschen haben können.

Das Tool ist einfach genial. Ich habe schon wirklich sehr lange nach so etwas gesucht. Herzlichen Dank dafür.

Thanks for a super little programme.Here is a small contribution towards your costs!

What a piece of art. It is very powerful and useful. I am switching mainly to linux...is it available for linux?

Thank you for this excellent little program!!!! :O)
In this case, FREE is not 'cheap'. It's perfect for what I need.

You've got a pretty neat little app here. I am finding it very useful and will be making a donation. If someone takes the time to develop & share something worthwhile then the least we can do is provide a little help. You really should charge something for this app. Keep up the great work.

This is exactly what I've looked for for years ! Very Very Grateful!

Thank you for an excellent programme which has been of invaluable use by me for a long time now.

Downloaded your program this afternoon, just begun to use it. I think it will be quite helpful.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for a very nice software-Quicknote.
In my last 15 years of PC working, I have not found any software like this - very user friendly and the features are eactly the ones I was looking for. I have seen so many other 'sticky notes' programmes and discarded them.

It is an excellent program. I am new to computers, also a golden oldie, and my memory is not very good. With Quicknote I don't have to look for paper and pencil, all I have to do is wake it up and type, or copy.
Thank you so much for this excellent program.

Bei deinem Programm gefällt mir der immer vorhandene Schlafbalken, durch den die Verfügbarkeit hervorragend gegeben ist.

Bin bereits seit längerer Zeit begeisterter Nutzer Deines genialen Programms !!
Quicknote ist für mich mit der Zeit zur unverzichtbaren Hilfe beim täglichen Umgang mit dem PC geworden ( = stets bereit zur Aufnahme "geistiger Schnellschüsse" und wiederauffindbare einfache Informationsspeicherung).

Besten Dank für Ihre neue Quicknote-version. Ich benutze das Programm schon längerer Zeit, und freue mich noch immer darüber. Sie haben da eine ganz nette Arbeit geleistet! Ich benutze das Programm manchmal für einfache Notizen, öfters aber als Verwahrungsstelle meiner Passwörter u.dg. Verschlüsseln brauche ich nicht, weil ich Einzelnutzer des Computers bin. Quicknote ist aber auch eine ganz nette Hilfe beim Übersetzen: habe ich den Text des Originals in Word vor mir, so schreibe ich die Übersetzung ins Quicknote-Fenster. Später lese ich dann Korrektur. Tut sich wunderbar! Ich ahne, dass es noch viele weitere Anwendungen geben wird.

Suchte im Internet nach einem Programm wie diesem - und seit ich es gefunden habe (schon lange) bin ich wunschlos glücklich :)

Ein Spitzenprogramm!!

Quicknot ist der hit...super progi..bin echt begeistert und empfehle es weiter ;-)

I just down-loaded and installed your program. I think it has a lot of potential and I will continue to try using it.

I visited your website and downloaded and installed QuickNote. It's a very nice program and I have added it to my website.

Sehr Geehrter Herr Müller, ich benutze dankend ihr Quicknote 4.2 program. Ich möchte fragen,ob die font grösse is stellbar? Für mich sind zu klein die Buchstaben. Aber das Program ist fantastisch! M.f.G.: X aus Ungarn
(Zur Änderung der Schriftart, siehe FAQ)

Hello, and THANK YOU for the BEST Textwriter imaginable!

I have recently downloaded your Quicknote version 3.8 and find it extremely useful.

ich bin im Internet zufällig in einer Softwareauflistung auf Ihr Programm Quicknote gestoßen. Ich habe es gestern gefunden und direkt installiert. Ein sehr tolles Tool -, wirklich Kompliment !!! Wie oft benötig man am PC dringend einen Zettel um einmal ein Stichwort zu notieren - sehr oft. Da ich den Zettel dann schon öfters gesucht habe, nutze ich nun Quicknote dafür.

Ich habe heute Quicknote installiert, einfach super.....

I have been using Quicknote now for about a year. It is indespensable. Thank you. (I am a Catholic religious brother - if I didn't have a vow of poverty, I would send you money; but I will pray for you.) God bless you and your endevours.

Greetings, I really like Quick Note. I will be telling other's!!!

QuickNote finde ich sehr schön und pfiffig. Vielleicht kannst Du mich über Neuversionen informieren.

Mit Quicknote habe ich ein Tool bei Ihnen gefunden, dass mir richtig gut gefällt.

I'm in the USA, Tucson Arizona. Found QuickNotes, am impressed with it.

Ihr Programm Quicknote haben wir von einem Bekannten dankend erhalten und wir finden dies eigentlich nicht schlecht und haben es auf den Firmen PC gespielt.

Ich habe mir Dein Tool heruntergeladen und muss sagen, ein sehr nützliches Programm, das Du da erstellt hast. Ich habe die Online-Hilfe durchgelesen und alle Funktionen durchprobiert.

Thank you so much for your quick response the quick note is so handy

Keep up the good work, and 'thank-you' for Version 4.0

ich bin wie so einer der vielen ein Nutzer von Quicknote. nach einer weile suchen von einem Gelben-Zettelersatz bin ich auf Dein Prog gestoßen. Das schöne daran, es kostet kein Bildschirmplatz, welcher immer knapp ist :-).

Auf der Suche nach einem wirklich praktischen Notizzettelprogramm, bin ich bei Ihrem Quicknote gelandet, das mir sehr gut gefällt.

A a great program!!!!

Gut gemachtes Programm, Gratulation.

Hello Jens, I like your Quicknote, especially the drawing option!

QuickNotes has a lot of features I may never use such the reminders, but thank you for a superb job in doing this !! IF you ever come to Canada, come visit me here in Victoria, B.C.a wonderful smaller city on the Pacific ocean with a very nice sub-mediterranean climate.

My compliments for your program. I've used a lot of similar programs but none of them came close to yours.

Ich bin über "Computer easy" auf dein Programm gestoßen, es läuft jetzt auf meinem Rechner. Sehr gut gefällt mir die Abfrage, ob in den Laufwerken noch ein Datenträger eingelegt ist. Der eigentliche Sinn des Programms, die Erinnerungsfunktion, ist für den Anfänger vielleicht etwas kompliziert, funktioniert aber sehr gut!

Mir gefällt Quicknote sehr gut. Deshalb kannst du mich gern als Betatester einsetzen. Aber vorsicht, ich bin sehr kritisch ;-)

I just installed your wonderful program. Quicknote is practical and elegant.

Bravo et merci pour ce petit bijou. Je vais le faire connaître à mes amis. Félicitations.

Ich muß sagen, das QuickNote Programm ist wirklich genial! Vielen Dank, ich hab es zwar erst seit ungefähr einer Woche, aber es ist einfach unschlagbar!

I find very useful your little program, and I use it every day! I've already written to you some suggestions. Thank you from an Italian supporter of QN!

I think my current version of Quicknote is just so very helpful. I am an artist, shifting images and formulae a LOT. Up until now I have scribbled notes to myself with pen and paper. *grump*

I am a user of Quicknote in Shanghai, China. I like this software.

Thanks for a very good program, it realy helps me every day in my work.
Stefan B., Car dealer, Malaga

If the day would come that Quicknote is no longer free, I will probaly purchase it if it is reasonably priced. I am a student also. Quicknotes is really nice, simple, unobtrusive and very handy.

Ich finde Deine Quicknote Applikation eine ziemlich gute Idee. Man merkt das sie mit sehr viel Engagement erstellt worden ist. Auch wenn vieles, was ich sehr nuetzlich finde, bereits realisiert wurde, so habe ich doch ein paar Feature Suggestions, die ich Dir in dieser e-Mail zukommen lassen moechte.

Ich hab mir gestern Dein Programm Quicknote 4.2 installiert und ich muß sagen,echt Klasse,ein super Tool.Ich würde Dir gerne ein bißchen Kohle per Post in Briefmarken zukommen lassen,nicht viel,muß ja noch ne Familie ernähren,aber besser als nix,gelle.

Quicknote ist zwar mein kleinstes, dafür aber am meisten gebrauchte Tool. Gratulation-super gelungen!

I live in Kingman, Arizona USA.I was looking for a note pad the other day that a person could put on their desktop, with it being able to open when windows starts. Everytime I would put something into a search engine, it would come back with something from microsoft or someplace where you could order post it notes. I don't know how I finally came across it, but when I downloaded your quick note, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. Great job!!!!!!!. I wish I could donate something to you and the development of quiknote, but I am unemployed until the 9th of July when I start a new job in texas... God Bless You, and thanks.

ist ja toll, mit dem drag und drop! Man kann es tatsächlich so machen einfach von einer anderen Anwendung, also wirklich sehr praktisch! Da hast du dir aber ganz schön was einfallen lassen.

Have tried many notepad-type applications, and I have finally settled on yours, as it provides the most useful interface. Having used it for a few months now, I have a small feature request.

I just downloaded your QuickNote v4.2 build 1003 and like the concept and applaud your work towards what looks like a useful piece of freeware.

Hi, dein Quicknote ist echt absolute spitzenklasse!!!

Mein Respekt für Dein ausgeklügeltes Quicknote-programm und vielen Dank dafür. grüsse Dich aus der Schweiz.

Habe dein Quicknote im Net entdeckt, runtergeladen und ausprobiert. Ich muss sagen das Programm ist wirklich gut gemacht. Hiermit hoffe ich dass du noch viele tolle Ideen entwickelst. Danke vielmals.

I have found your program very useful and just the right size and not intrusive. I have installed and then removed many such programs in the past. I believe this is a keeper.

Keep up the good work with Quicknote - It's Great! Kind wishes from Scarborough, England.

Keep up the goooooooooooooood work! Hey from Israel

Danke für Dein Quicknote. Ist ein super Programm - mach weiter so.

Ich setze Ihr Programm ein und bin begeistert. Es ist der beste Notizzettel, den ich bisher gesehen habe.

Hut ab bzw. auf Französich, wenn Sie das als Wahlfach haben "Chapeau"! Endlich mal einer, der was Vernünftiges macht und nicht dauernd in den Discos rumhängt - weiter so!
Mit herzlichen Grüßen aus München

Thanks for the freeware program. Happy holidays.

I use your program for the alarm feature. It is very handy when I need a reminder at work. I also like the transparency feature.
I think it's great when someone like you makes programs available for free. That gives me faith that there are still good people with good values somewhere! With George Bush in the White House, I am discouraged about state of mankind.

While most Notepad replacements expand on features, very few rebuild the concept of a lightweight text editor. Quicknote introduces an entirely unusual interface and features that don't exist in its cousins, importing the traditional concept of notes--as a mix of text and doodles--but in a decidedly unpolished package.
As you can tell from the screenshots, this freeware program looks very atypical. There's a small control panel in the right corner to control what can be best described as gross functions that determine overall program behavior. Fortunately, mouse-over help text save users from playing "guess the feature". The L controls focusless input, N determines the Quicknote list on the left half of the program, B shows and hides the toolbar, M is the main menu that hides Save, Print, Options, accesses tool buttons not available on the toolbar.
Some of these tools, such as the Calculator, are accessible elsewhere. Others are unique to Quicknote, such as the function that lets you send a note to another computer, provided you have the computer's name or IP address. To receive a note, you need to go to M then Tools and click on Receive text from another computer.
To send a note, you need to highlight the text you would like to send, and from the context menu access the Copy Text drop-down and select To other computer. After that, you'll be asked for the other computer's information. Type that in and you're on your way to low-fi note sharing, across the room or, one supposes, the world.
The last button in the right corner, the double box icon, minimizes Quicknote to a white bar. The default setting for the bar is in the upper left of your monitor, although that's configurable from the Menu/Options/Sleep Mode. The line's called the Wake Up bar because when you mouse over it, the program maximizes to its previous position.
Quicknote lets users choose a variety of options related to Show/Hide behavior, as well as the transparency. I found it particularly useful to set the application to minimize when the focus program, the program that I was currently using, wasn't Quicknote. By sticking the Wake Up bar in an easy-to-mouse-to corner, I was able to wake the program with a quick shift of the mouse.
Users can set Quicknote to run on start-up, and can control speaker volume using hot keys while the program is the focus. The actual creation and use of notes is an entirely different work flow from Notepad and its replacements, which often function as super-lite versions of larger word processors.
Here, you're given a Main Note, followed by two category trees--one for Personal notes, and the other for Professional notes. Categories are customizable, and users can create new ones via any note or category's context menu. No matter the category, the notes all function the same way.
Users can create as many notes under as many categories as they like. Notes can only be sorted through the Category menu, but other than that the menus are very similar. You can also drag-and-drop notes around to organize them.
Saving is a crucial feature in Quicknote, and users can choose different locations and different formats to save notes, or go with the default and save them internally as part of the program. Also important is the program's access to noncrucial but useful add-ons. It comes with a minimalistic drawing tool, where users can create freehand doodles. The only drawing-tool option available is to adjust the size of the pen.
Also included in Qucknote: command line access, a scheduler with alarms, a screen measuring tools that converts pixels to centimeters, a built-in task manager, all of which are accessible from the upper-left corner's context menu. [...]
Quicknote does some great things that other note-taking applications don't, especially the Wake Up bar, the doodling, and the ability to send notes to other computers from within the program. However, the interface will take most users some time to get used to, and some may never feel comfortable with the awkward layout. For the features it offers, though, Quicknote might be the only game in town.
From: CNET Download Blog, February 15, 2008

Taking notes about ideas is one of the best things you can do to ensure you never forget them. There may be many such tools to help you take notes and remember about them later on, but today I will introduce you to something that absolutely steals the best spot and also finds a place in my must have applications.
QuickNote is a tiny application which allows you to take notes quickly and efficiently, I can stress the words quickly and efficiently because I have never seen any other note taking application perform so nicely. There are many great features that set apart QuickNote software from other similar softwares which many people tend to use. [...]
Ditch every other note taking software and start using QuickNote. The flexibility it has provided is beyond any other software I have used till date. The other best reason is that it is free and still provides me with lots of features to capture my ideas.
From: Techiebuzz Blog

We've found another little piece of freeware that just might make your computing life a little easier. If your mind is anything like mine then you write down a lot of things. Notes here, notes there, now let's see where did I put that note?
Quicknote might just be the program for you. It's a small program that puts a note block on your computer that is very configurable. You can keep it on top, make it go behind programs or have it pop up from the start bar. Change the colors, transparency and much more. You can draw on it or type text, very cool. When you have a thought just write it down on Quicknote and it will be there the next time you need it.
You can get Quicknote at http://jcmb.jens-m.de/quicknen.html. If you really like it they ask for a donation but it's not required to get the software.
                From: AllAmerican RunnerDuck Review Newsletter

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