Quicknote needs betatesters

Every program has to be intensively tested before it is published because programming errors are inevitable. So I'm searching for people who would like to test new Quicknote versions before they are released. If you help to find some errors, and if you want it, your name (and URL to your homepage) will be displayed in the "about" window.

I am also searching for people who voluntarily want to translate Quicknote into other languages.
If you are interested, please contact me: jm @ quicknote.de.

Of course you can also help me by telling your fiends about Quicknote or by voting for it positively on download sites.

Here is some background information for programmers:
Quicknote is programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 Professional.

The code has a size of approx. 13500 lines, 242 forms, 3 modules, 2 class modules and one ressource file.

The graphics used in quicknote have a size of 125kb. As a compiled executable, the size of the file about 900kb; compressed by UPX the final executable Quicknote.exe, has a size of 311kb.
JC&MB Quicknote code