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#88 Incorrectly reported Hard Drive size in SystemInformation
Status Closed (Fixed) Version 5.5 Build 55
Author kyrathaba <kyrathasoftgmail.com> Time 11-08-2011 (16:18)
Type Bug Vote 3 out of 0 votes
I'm using Version 5.5 Build 55

When you bring up the main context menu and then click the System Information item, it incorrectly reports the size of my hard drive.

My hard drive is ~334 GB capacity, and here is what your program shows:

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Jens Müller (Admin)

11-08-2011 (18:18)
Hello and thanks.
The screen is adding up the capacities of all mounted hard drives. Is it still incorrect?
Bryan Miller

11-08-2011 (18:27)
That clears it up. Since it only says "Free disk space", I made the incorrect assumption that it was referring to my C: drive. It might be good to label this "space on all detected drives:" or something.
Jens Müller (Admin)

11-08-2011 (19:25)
Ok, will be changed for v5.6.
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