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#81 Changing font of selected test
Status Open (Unconfirmed) Version 5.5 Build 55
Author Al <archivio.alibero.it> Time 16-08-2010 (10:17)
Type Bug Vote 6 out of 1 votes
It is possiple to use different font in the same page of quick note? Tankyou!
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Jens Müller (Admin)

22-08-2010 (14:47)

No, some of the reasons:
-The concept of Quicknote is to allow simple text editing concentrating on content rather than on form.
-Rich text would make necessary another toolbar with Alignment, Font Type, Font Size, Bold, Italic, etc. elements, so enlarging Quicknote itself and leaving less space for text.
-Rich text cannot be saved and used by other applications as easy as plain text format.
-Rich text textboxes need more memory.
Mark Kole

10-03-2011 (15:55)
I would like to change the font to black. Can this be done?
Jens Müller (Admin)

12-03-2011 (11:06)
Hello Mark.
Sure this can be done. Go into the option, Tab Interface, and there you can change the text color.

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