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#4 Allow sending files via a network
Status Closed (Fixed) Version 5.4 Build 38
Author Jens <jmquicknote.de> Time 12-07-2008 (19:13)
Type Feature Request Vote 4.6666666666667 out of 3 votes
Next to the ability to send texts through a newtowrk form one computer running Quicknote to another, it may be usefuil to extend this feature to be able to transfer files.

If you like this, please vote, if you don't think it's useful, vote as well.
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03-01-2009 (22:28)
There are already a lot of applications that can share files. I would like Quicknote to stay small and fast.
Jens Müller (Admin)

29-11-2009 (16:28)
Done in v5.5. Speed and size only marginally affected.
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