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#13 studio owner
Status Closed (Invalid/won't fix) Version 5.4 Build 38
Author Carl Whitt <carl.whittverizon.net> Time 05-08-2008 (23:06)
Type Bug Vote 3 out of 0 votes
I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and v.5.4 of Quicknote

Why does QuickNote do the following:

1. When the Quicknote window is on screen and I drag it diagonally to make it larger, it is fine, and I click on the exit button to hide. Sometimes when I move the mouse over the small square at the top, the Quicknote window is small again and I have to enlarge it again.

2. I can put information into the Quicknote and it stays there for a while. Some days later I can open it up and the information is gone.

The earlier versions did not do this. What is going wrong?

Carl Whitt
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Jens Müller (Admin)

06-08-2008 (10:00)
Hello Carl,
thank you for your report.
Point 1:
I have heard this once, however, never experienced myself. What is the size of Quicknote's window, when it is "small again"? Is it the size it was before enlarging it, or is it really extremely small?

Point 2: This of course may not happen as well. Do you use a Quicknote or the main text T to write your text into? Please consider, that with text written in T, Quicknote behaves like other text editors, askin whether you want to save the contents (see http://www.quicknote.de/help/notekeeping.php?lang=en). Even if Quicknote is forced to close without chance to save, it normally restores the content as "saved note".
Carl Whitt

06-08-2008 (18:41)
1. It is the original size.

2. I have Main > Quicknote > Catagories
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